Selected Articles, Monographs and Book Chapters

James P. Cannon: America’s Pioneer Trotskyist (December 31, 2022)

Valorization, Financialization and Crisis (December 2021)

Capitalist Morbidity and the Global Crisis (April 2021)

Slide-Show Presentation on Invisible Leviathan (November, 2019)

Remarks on Invisible Leviathan (November, 2019)

21st Century Socialism- Reform or Revolution (November 30, 2018)

Greetings to “Marx at 200” Conference (October 2018)

Comment on Harvey-Roberts Debate about Marx’s Law of Value (April 2, 2018) 

Greetings to November 11, 2017 Conference on Russia’s Socialist Revolution

 A Conspectus of Marx’s Theories of Value and Capitalist Crisis (undated)

 Review of The Future of Work (Labour/Le Travail, Number 79, 2017)

 Marxism versus Postcolonial Theory  (Symposium presentation, March 24, 2017)

 The Decline of the Labour Movement: A Socialist Perspective (2013)

A Reply to Global Discourse Symposium on Global Capitalism in Crisis (2013)

Review of I. Meszaros, Social Structures and Forms of Consciousness (Science & Society, 2012)

 Leon Trotsky Speaks (2011)

A Marxist Analysis of the Global Downturn: Capitalism in Crisis (in 1917: Journal of the International Bolshevik Tendency, Number 31, 2009)

Lecture Notes For SOCI 3P00, Introduction to Early Modern Social Theory (2009)

Eight Chapters from Culture of Prejudice: Arguments in Critical Social Science (2003)

Review of Marx on Suicide (in Critical Sociology Number 27, 2001)

Political Economy and the Canadian Work Class: Marxism or Nationalist Reformism? (in Labour/Le Travail Number 46, 2000)

Review of Marx’s Theory of the Social Formation by Z. Duan (Science & Society, 1997)

Rethinking the ‘Middle Class’: Ideological Constructions and Contradictory Structural Locations (in Brock Review Number 6 (1/2), 1997)

 Profitability Crisis and the Erosion of Popular Prosperity: The Canadian Economy 1947-1991 (Studies in Political Economy Number 49, 1996)

Review of Against the Market by David McNally (RRPE, 1996)

 Unproductive Labour and Profit Trends: A Rejoinder (Science & Society Number 58:4, 1994-95)

Chapter 11 from Invisible Leviathan, 1st edition – ‘Modernity, Postmodernism, and the Law of Value’ (University of Toronto Press, 1994)

Review of Abstract Labor: A Critique by J-M Vincent (RRPE, 1994)

The Burzynski Controversy in the United States and in Canada: A Comparative Case Study in the Sociology of Alternative Medicine (Canadian Journal of Sociology Number 17:2, 1992)

 Respecifying Marx’s Value Categories: A Theoretical and Empirical Reconsideration of the “Law of the Falling Rate of Profit” (Studies in Political Economy, Number 35, 1991)

Encyclopedia Entries:

(Encyclopedia of Case Study Research) Dialectical Materialism (2010)

 (International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2nd edition) Credentialism (2008)

(International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2nd edition) Ernest Mandel (2008)

(International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2nd edition) Managerial Class (2008)

(International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2nd edition) Objective Value (2008)

(International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2nd edition) Putting-Out System (2008)

 (International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2nd edition) Self-Employment (2008)

(International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2nd edition) Self-Determination (2008)

(Routledge Encyclopedia of International Political Economy) Modernization Theory (2001)

(Routledge Encyclopedia of International Political Economy) Unequal Development (2001)

Graduate Work:

PhD Dissertation

The Value Controversy and Social Theory: An Inquiry into Marx’s Labor Theory of Value (University of British Columbia, 1989)

MA Thesis

The Falling Rate of Profit, Chapter 5: The Canadian Economy, 1947-1980 (University of Manitoba 1984; empirical data and results)

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Notable Works Authored by Others:

Shane Mage, The ‘Law of the Falling Tendency of the Rate of Profit’: Its Place in the Marxian Theoretical System and Its Relevance to the US Economy (Columbia University Ph.D. Dissertation, 1963)

In Defense of October by Leon Trotsky (Speech in Copenhagen in 1932, defending the Bolshevik-led socialist revolution of 1917 in Russia)

Two Talks on Socialism by James P. Cannon  (Final instalments in a series of weekly talks on “America’s Road to Socialism” delivered in Los Angeles in December 1952 and January 1953)